When Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer? Hire accident lawyer Maryland

Picture this: Why you need accident lawyer Maryland?  You are stopped at a red light, and when the light turns green, you pull out into the intersection, but instead of just happily driving along you are blindsided by the person that has just slammed into you at full speed running the red light. What if you are reading this article because you are on the other side of this scenario and you hit someone because you were distracted or didn’t see the red light?

Whatever your situation, if you are involved in a severe car accident you might need help to shed some light on the next steps you need to take to protect yourself with accident lawyer Maryland.

New driving behaviours that can cause accidents

Let’s start with sorting out some of the issues that have grabbed headlines recently as a result of relatively new driving habits that can cause accidents. Cell phone use and texting while driving has been found in many major scientific studies to increase the odds of having an automobile accident. In most Maryland, the police have the technology to tell if you were on the phone or if you were texting while you were involved in a car accident.

This key fact could lead to a significant fine and horrible consequences for your driving history.

Hands-free cell phone ordinance

The city of Maryland has taken these kinds of laws one step further and passed a hand’s free mobile law which states you must have a hand’s free device such as a blue tooth earpiece or technology that runs through your vehicle’s speakers. If a police officer catches you using a phone without a hand’s free device while driving it is an automatic $500 fine.

If your state involves any of the above examples I have stated then seeking car accident lawyer Maryland that specialises in vehicular accidents may need to be your next step, especially if the other party involved suffered any injuries. There is a much higher chance of you being convicted of negligence and sued for damages if it is found you were on a cell phone or texting while you were in the accident. More details here: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/tips-settling-car-accident-claim.html

Seek car accident lawyer help

When speaking with a prospective lawyer you want to ask them some pointed questions such as how many times they have tried cases with someone in your circumstances. Whether you are at fault or not it is important that you know the experience of the attorney before you make any decisions.

Regardless of what kind of impression car accident lawyer Maryland makes in their personal meetings with you, make sure you check out their background through the American Bar Association.

To conclude:

I have met many times with lawyers for personal and commercial reasons, and some are exquisite at getting business and making a good impression on clients. These same lawyers who look the part and talk a good game also lost hands down to some attorneys that were much more efficient, even if they did not have charming personalities. What matters to you in this situation is finding someone who can win your case. Making the right decision on car accident lawyer Maryland represents you can go a long way towards a successful outcome in your case.